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Prayaya Create a virtual operating system on your HDD or portable device

Create a virtual operating system on your HDD or portable devicePrayaya V3 enables you to create a virtual operating system on your hard disk or any removable storage devices. If you install it on your hard disk, you will be able to install and run your software, manage your stuff, such as files, folders, bookmarks, desktop settings on a virtualized environment independent of the host computer.

If you install it on a removable device, you will be able to carry your own personal system and software with you on a USB flash drive, removable hard disk or iPod device so that you can have access to your own stuff, including your applications, files at any time and anywhere as long as you connect your removable devices with a PC. 

 Key features

• Add the login screen, register by entering user name, password.
• Repair the network anomalies BUG may be occurred in the virtual environment.
• Support for typewriting installation. No longer using the native typewriting.
• Amended the audio service in vista, win7 virtual environment. Support for custom shortcuts.
• Support toolbar fully hidden.
• Global leader of speed virtual system, with tiny size of 6MB
• Speed as fast as the Windows host; the operation is identical with that of windows
• Support More than 500,000 popular Windows applications directly installed and run, unnecessary to package virtualization.
• Easy to install, with high system compatibility.
• Out of the computer system, software can be permanently used.
• Independently save data such as desktop background, documents, favorites, account ID and password of forum, mail, MSN, stock, PayPal and so on.
• Always keep your windows system neat and fast.
• Recover data within a few seconds after restore a crash system.

Editor's review for Prayaya

Do you find yourself frequently using WiFi hot spots and Internet cafes? Despite protective measures like anti-virus software and firewalls, security hazards still exist. This is just one example. There are many occasions when we don’t work on our own personal computer. It can happen at work or at a friend’s house. Wouldn’t it be great if the entire PC can be put into a single storage device such as an USB drive? An efficient application called Prayaya is the perfect solution for this type of problem.

Prayaya gives one the possibility to create a virtual operating system installed directly on your hard drive and independent of your host computer or on any removable storage device. It is a brilliant and simple idea that works extremely well. Basically, when the USB drive is connected to a Windows computer, a virtual session with its own software and storage will be automatically launched. In addition, all the tasks are performed inside that virtual session and as a result, no traces will remain after your work is finished. Furthermore, the host computer can’t be unintentionally harmed. Just imagine; you will have complete access anytime and anywhere to your own applications, music, games and files. As long as you connect the removable device to a computer, you are always in the company of your own personal computer.

Another advantage of Prayaya is that you can install any piece of software on its drive. All the tools you travel with, for example, such as your favorite browser and IM client are always available to you. Your computing environment is only limited by the disk space of your storage device. The Office Suite is supported as well without any additional plug-ins. Other software such as Firefox, VLC player, MSN and many others are also supported. Your privacy is guaranteed because there will be no traces such as your browser history or cookies on the host computer.

So it sounds great, but how does it work? It’s very intuitive and easy to use, be assured. You must run an installer and choose a removable device. Your iPod or USB device work great! The Prayaya environment is initialized and the new Windows desktop is launched. From here on, the user is free to install the desired software. Keep in mind that any launched applications remain inside this virtual session and that switching to the host’s desktop is extremely simple – just click on the Toolbar located at the top of screen. When you have finished, close all the applications and exit the Prayaya software. The latest version, Prayaya v3, is compatible with all USB v2 models; so every USB 2.0 drive can become your portable computer.

All in all, Prayaya v3 is a great application with several advantages up its sleeve: intuitive and easy to use interface, compatibility with all major programs and confidentiality of information. A very creative software program, Prayaya makes it easy to transform every computer into your own computer.

The waiting is over – Prayaya is the ultimate solution for all your remote computing needs!

User reviews

useful app but no support for 64-bit Windows OSby Michael on October 26th 2011, 10:11I especially like its Windows-os-like interface. It just takes me a few seconds to get familiar with it. Also, I could instal as many software as I want on it. That’s all very great. Shortness of it is that it still does not support 64-bit so far. It’s a pity.

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