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freebitco.in script 100% work 2016

Couple of things on the script. A player needs at least 100,000 satoshi since this script is built to game probability, 1 million satoshi is a more comfortable number if looking to run this unattended since that places the 'steps' of allowed losses over 20 comfortably


1) an account on Freebitco.in
2) 100000 satoshi deposited (minimum) into their account (make sure you put in a strong password)
3) Google chrome, OS does not matter.

To run the script:

1) Go to freebitco.in
2) Click on multiply BTC
3) In Chrome go to Menu --> More tools --> Javascript console
4) Highlight the script below
5) Copy the script
6) Paste the script into the javascript console
7) Press enter.
8) Go away for a couple of days.

The usual warning applies. Don't play if you can't afford to lose 100,000 satoshi (or a million, around 3-4 bucks). I've tested script fairly thoroughly and in doing so managed to lose around a million satoshi in testing. The setup below is the most stable and easiest method that I've found to run the script for a week with 100,000 satoshi without any issues. Just remember, a martengale system is all about doubling down on one bet after another and since it's for fun, best to start low (don't be greedy).

Starting with 1 satoshi it is 17 steps on a 100,000 satoshi kitty before a player busts. Remember a computer can play way faster than any human could so keep in mind it takes less than 10 seconds to place all the bets. Since a computer doesn't care if it spends all your satoshi fast or slow, keep it in mind.

"1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536,"

If anyone has any other features to add to the script, any input or tweaks offered would be awesome.
Again...all for fun, don't think that anyone can quit their day job with this.

Good luck!

var startValue = '0.00000001', // Don't lower the decimal point more than 4x of current balance
    stopPercentage = 0.001,
    maxWait = 777,
    stopped = false, // debugging
    stopBefore = 1; // In minutes for timer before stopping redirect on webpage

var $loButton = $('#double_your_btc_bet_lo_button'),
        $hiButton = $('#double_your_btc_bet_hi_button');

function multiply(){
    var current = $('#double_your_btc_stake').val();
    var multiply = (current * 2).toFixed(8);

function getRandomWait(){
    var wait = Math.floor(Math.random() * maxWait ) + 100;

    console.log('Waiting for ' + wait + 'ms before next bet.');

    return wait ;

function startGame(){
    console.log('Game started!');

function stopGame(){
    console.log('Game will stop soon! Let me finish.');
    stopped = true;

function reset(){

// quick and dirty hack if you have very little bitcoins like 0.00000001
function deexponentize(number){
    return number * 10000000;

function iHaveEnoughMoni(){
    var balance = deexponentize(parseFloat($('#balance').text()));
    var current = deexponentize($('#double_your_btc_stake').val());

    return ((balance)*2/100) * (current*2) > stopPercentage/100;

function stopBeforeRedirect(){
    var minutes = parseInt($('title').text());

    if( minutes < stopBefore )
        console.log('Approaching redirect! Stop the game so we don\'t get redirected while loosing.');

        return true;

    return false;

// Unbind old shit

// Loser
    if( $(event.currentTarget).is(':contains("lose")') )
        console.log('You LOST! Multiplying your bet and betting again.');

        }, getRandomWait());


// Winner
    if( $(event.currentTarget).is(':contains("win")') )
        if( stopBeforeRedirect() )

        if( iHaveEnoughMoni() )
            console.log('You WON! But don\'t be greedy. Restarting!');


            if( stopped )
                stopped = false;
                return false;
            console.log('You WON! Betting again');

        }, getRandomWait());

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